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mindful Lifestyle

WHAT constitutes LIFESTYLE

Lifestyle can be defined as our attitude towards life.

This defines our approach to

      Self - body, mind, wellbeing

      Others - family, friends, loved ones

      How we present ourselves, our thoughts, views

      behaviors, and habits

It's important to review our whole lifestyle and start with shifting one aspect and observe the ripple effect on the other areas of life.

your lifestyle = your health

To lead a health driven lifestyle, introspect the following aspects of your life - 

- Nutrition: Nutrient rich foods

- Exercise: Cardio and strength training

- De-stressors: Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Sauna

- Sleep: Quality and quantity

- Emotions: The triggers, highs and lows

- Energy: Levels through the day

mindful lifestyle

Mindfulness can bring about a huge shift in attitude towards self and important relationships.

Becoming aware of how we are doing in the major aspects of our own health can lead us to make choices that support our vision and set a better example for our loved ones, including the next generation.

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