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Kamini Desai


For the last 25 years, Kamini Desai has created unique body of teachings combining the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern psychology. Kamini is considered an expert in the inner sciences of yoga, relaxation and artful living. www.kaminidesai.com

Mindful with Harsha: In the modern world, meditation is known for so many superficial yet important benefits like quieting the mind, reducing reactiveness. What according to you in the ultimate goal of meditation? 

Kamini: To recognize that you are and always have been more than the mind. There is nothing wrong with the mind, it’s just that instead of us serving the mind, we usually do the bidding of the mind. Meditation corrects this relationship and allows us to use the mind as a tool to operate effectively in the world. It trains the mind to sit and stay rather than like a dog who pulls its master wherever it wants to go.


Mindful with Harsha: What role does meditation play w.r.t to increasing mindfulness? 

Kamini: Mindfulness allows us be present to what is in a neutral way -without judgment. When we can observe our thoughts rather than believe them there is space for us to respond more consciously to life rather than with habitual and reactive ways of thinking. 


Mindful with Harsha: We all lead such stressful and busy lives that it’s tough to find time to practice a long meditation. Do you have any tips for a quick reboot? 

Kamini: Anything can be a meditation if you are completely present to it. Whatever you are doing, take two seconds longer to do it, any pay attention. Breathe, feel, enjoy and notice while you are washing the dishes, doing laundry, cooking or in a meeting. Come back into yourself and back into your body and breathe. Whenever you are fully present, you will be filled-full or fulfilled. This is meditation in motion.

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