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past events

chandler memory care

Care for Caregivers, November 2018

Lead a group of caregivers at Chandler memory care through a deep relaxing meditation session.

Caregivers work multiple and stressful jobs and need a deep relaxation and restoration regularly to do their best personally and professionally.

make a wish

Meditation at work, November 2018

Partnered with the wellness committee at Make A wish to lead a their employees through a deep sleep based mediation practice of Yoga Nidra.

A guided meditation session is deeply relaxing and restorative to provide the employees with tools to deal with stress.  

make a wish,

national conference

Learning Lounge, AZ Grand Resort October 2018

Presented at Make-A-Wish learning lounge conference on the topic


"Who's calling the shots in your brain?"

Chronic stress causes us to remain in a fight/flight state with side effects in our mental and physical health. Breath and meditation have shown to improve and restructure the brain.

sun salutation challenge

Private Facebook group, December 2017

Successfully executed a 30 day End the Year stronger challenge.

Motivated over a 100 members to progressively increase the count of

Sun Salutations, a full body Yoga series to strengthen the physical and mental body.

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Nutrition Workshop, November 3, 2017

Mini-workshops at SWIHA's Gifts and graces event on Care for Caregivers.

"Are you Feeding your Stress".

Demonstrated to the attendees how their eating habits may be creating stress like environment in the body and what medical conditions could that create.

make a wish,

national conference

Learning Lounge, Talking Stick Resort. October 17 and 19, 2017

Presented at Make-A-Wish learning lounge conference on the topic


"Self-care is not Selfish"

How many times does self-care take a back seat in times of stress and life events. Perhaps, those are the times we need it the most. Its imperative we take care of ourselves to lead a healthier and a happier life.

ahwatukee business expo

Vendor Booth, September 7, 2017

Hosted a booth to network with local people of AZ, discussing Health goals, eating for health, medical conditions and follow-up appointments. Demonstrated and served options for healthy snacks on the go. 

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