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5 minutes of You, for You

Yes, we all live busy lives, sometimes stressful, with adrenals being pushed beyond their capacity. Making time to nourish our mind and body seems a bit far-fetched or even time consuming, but ever wonder what you can do in 5 minutes for yourself?

Here is a list of 10 little things you can do in 5 minutes:

Silence: Spend a few minutes with yourself, listening to your thoughts, acknowledging them and being with them.

Meditate: Focusing on 1 thought, 1 mantra, 1 affirmation, acknowledging thoughts but not indulging your mind.

Breathe: Spend a few minutes just breathing deep, inhale love exhale gratitude. Long deep inhales, slow complete exhales.

Spend 5 complete minutes with your loved one, just being there. Giving is receiving.

Plan to nourish your body with wholesome foods, do you need to plan a grocery list, plan what you need to cook and when. Pack a little snack bag for when you are on the go.

Move: Yoga? 2 complete slow Sun salutations. A short walk around the neighborhood. Dance. Lift weights or push ups.

Indulge in a hobby: Read a small chapter that nourishes your mind, listen to a song that makes you feel good, dance like there’s no tomorrow, get your hands dirty in the soil, journal your thoughts, write!

Laugh: Laughter releases endorphins and releases stress, increases immunity.

Practice Gratitude: To improve your self-esteem, physical and psychological health, practice gratitude towards yourself and others.

Pray: Praying includes silence, gratitude, meditation, being present. Pray to the universe, pray to the almighty, pray with gratitude. The Universe is listening, what are you asking of it?

There is much we can do, but did we lose ourselves in the daily hustle and bustle?  Life goes on, but what meaning are we adding to it?

Everyday, do something little for yourself to make a connection with your higher consciousness, your mind and your body.

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