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New Year, New Hopes, New Beginnings

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

New year, new hopes, new beginnings, with repackaged resolutions. I love the idea of a new start, a fresh beginning, a chance for a do-over.

Research says only 8% of resolutions make it past Valentines day. That is a very small number. Most of these resolutions are health related, which brings me solace personally. Because it shows people are prioritizing their health, irrespective of the reason.

Some of the most common resolutions made are:

Exercise more

Lose weight

Eat more healthy

Take an active approach to health

Learn a new skill / hobby

Spend more time on personal wellbeing

Etc. etc. etc.

But why do 92% not make it?

Jumping into the big goal next Monday or even “tomorrow”

No plan is planning for failure

Not realizing the impact of a resolution on lifestyle

Not creating specific goals for the near future

Losing faith / interest as soon as the first slippery slope hits

Are you willing to relook at the approach you take in the resolutions this year?

Here are some tips that have been known to work and have worked for me related to my health goals. But don't stop with health, use these for any aspect of your life.

- Have a Big Vision: Where do you want to be in a maybe 6 to 9 months?

-Lose 15 lbs by June

- Have optimum A1C blood work by July

- Get stronger by August

- Educate yourself or get help from the right person regarding the goal you want to achieve.

- Create small actionable steps: Break down the vision in little achievable steps that are measurable at the same time.

- Plan: for the next 2 weeks: grocery list, meal maps, shopping, cooking and Repeat!

- Make it a Lifestyle change: Don’t let the actions be a temporary fix to achieve your goal in a haste. When you make your little steps into a lifestyle shift, there are less chances of deviating from your vision.

- Celebrate: all small successes to keep you motivated

- Find an accountability partner who is invested in your success

- Be prepared, even for the occasional slips; and laugh, dust off and get back

- Practice mindfulness: No matter what your vision is, practicing mindfulness in form of meditation, prayer, silence will help you get that much closer to your goal

Last but absolutely not the least, don’t wait for next January to continue on your health goals, end the year so strong in your vision that January doesn’t seem daunting.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

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