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Need private sessions? I'm here to help!

Sometimes we need a supportive ear, an accountability partner to help us get to where we want to be. 


Coaching is a forward moving approach to helping clients identify and prioritize actions needed to succeed. A trained coach can create space where clients can articulate their desires and stay accountable to help achieve goals, improve self-confidence. communication and time management skills.

I offer following services for private coaching:

- Yoga

    Are you a beginner, and want to know more about Yoga? These sessions are perfect to create / add to your de-stressing routine. 

- Meditation

   We all need to learn to meditate and meditation is tough. A few private guided meditation sessions can help train your brain to slow down enough so you can meditate on your own. Can be executed remotely.

- Nutrition

   A very important part of our lifestyle, and hiring a coach to understand the right way to eat can go a long way in supporting you on your health journey. A 6-week kick start wellness plan can get your on track with your health goals

Can be executed remotely.

Pick 1 service or a combination of services to create a holistic approach to life.

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