Mom. Wife. Yogi. Health geek. Fitness Enthusiast

Most of us must hit our rock bottom, to pick up, dust off and make a change.

For Harsha, it was being overweight, pre-diabetic and stressed out that drove her to identify changes that she could make to live this life better. Once she found a way to eat right, exercise smartly, and de-stress, her life was not the same.

Her lifestyle happily improved and mindset shifted once she started to take care of herself. She had new found confidence and love for life.

She went back to school, this time to learn more about Holistic Nutrition, and expanded her certifications to Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Life Coaching. 

Her passion for Holistic Living lead her to make a career switch from Software Engineering to a Mindful Lifestyle Coach, so she could bring her lessons, teachings, and services to corporate communities, caregivers, school Teachers, and privately at homes, all those who deal with stress every day.

Harsha strongly believes that a mindful approach towards our lifestyle can holistically improve our attitude towards life and keep us actively moving towards our vision of health.

She would love to support you on your journey to a Healthier self, to make choices that benefit you physically and mentally.


Do you need to reach your rock bottom that to make a shift in your lifestyle?


Contact Harsha today to find out how she can support you.

Tel: 623-252-0306

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