Studio Classes

Contact me to add Yoga, Meditation to your schedule. I work with adults, seniors and pre-teens / teenagers.

Young adults - Yoga as a tool to help build strength, improve flexibility, increase mental focus and more importantly to handle peer pressure and stress.

The Arizona prospects

Yoga and meditation for members of The Arizona Prospects (TAP) in Chandler, AZ. 

Aged 11-14, TAP offers baseball coaching to the young adults and offer Yoga as an added service to help build strength, improve flexibility and increase mental focus.

Horizon community

learning center

Yoga and meditation club for students of Horizon Honors Elementary School, AZ. 

Available for 5th / 6th graders, a great age to start to help build strength, improve flexibility and increase mental focus.

Seniors - Chair Yoga and Meditation for the seniors to create movement in the body, strengthen muscles, and to calm the mind. 

hawthorne court

memory care

Thursdays, 9:15am

Avenir Chandler Memory care

Tuesdays, 9:30am

Avenir scottsdale Memory care

Fridays, 10am


Tel: 623-252-0306

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