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If the participant has a specific medical condition or specific symptoms, yoga may be contrary to the health benefits. It is your responsibility to inform the instructor about the condition(s).


By signing this waiver, you agree that you understand the implications of participating in a yoga program/class and the instructors may ask you to not participate either for all or part of the class upon her discretion and professionalism. You assume all liability if you fail to disclose any condition. If you are under the care of a Doctor in any way, you will make the instructor aware of this condition.

You understand that yoga classes are provided for the basic purpose of relaxation, as well as body, mind and spirit integration. Should you experience pain or discomfort during the class, you will immediately inform the instructor so that the instruction may be adjusted to your level of comfort. You understand and agree that Harsha Bipin and her network of practitioners is NOT responsible for any personal injury, or any loss of personal property while attending classes. It is understood that you are here for personal growth and change.

You are electing to participate in this service and have been made fully aware of what is required of you.

This release waiver does not expire and if changes are made we will bring updated copies for new signatures.

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