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The Power of Choice

We inherit our genes and all the good and bad that comes with it – the color of our skin and hair to roughly our height and shape, but also the chronic conditions that are passed down. However, we are in no way doomed to every disease we inherit. Gene expression can be controlled by lifestyle and dietary choices. Only we have the power to trigger these into activation, they do not have to manifest into diseases. Genes only establish a potential for disease, and do not alone cause the disease.

We have the power of choice.

Once we become aware of how powerful our choices in diet and lifestyle can be, we would make better ones; scientific evidence supports the role of proper nutrition in prevention of certain diseases, thereby controlling the expression of unwanted genes, says T. Colin Campbell, who has been in the forefront of nutrition studies for over forty years.

Making healthy choices help us feel better in all aspects of our lives infusing happiness, positivity, energy and love for those around us and especially our own selves. Small changes have long lasting impact – better food choices, movement, stress relieving, building a community play a much stronger role in dictating which genes take control.

Awareness is key to reaching our health / lifestyle goals. Being honest with ourselves, knowing where we are, acknowledging what brought us here will help us make the lifestyle changes required for a better future. We must accept the genes we receive, but we still have the power to decide what we leave behind for our future generations.

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